Vopak Launches Concurrent Bunkering Services in Singapore


Vopak, the world’s largest independent storage tank operator, has launched a new service that allows tankers docking at its Singapore Sebarok oil terminal to refuel while simultaneously loading or discharging cargoes.

A Spokesperson for Vopak said, “The new concurrent bunkering service is in line with Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore’s directive to improve port efficiency. Prior to this, tanker vessels were required to sail to the anchorage to receive their bunkers”.

Safety concerns and easing congestion:

A Singapore-based bunker trader said, “Citing safety concerns, oil and gas tankers have been restricted to taking bunker fuels at designated anchorages in Singapore”.

Increased concurrent bunkering at some of the city-state’s oil terminals could help ease congestion in its waterways, which are some of the busiest in the world.

World’s largest marine refueling hub:

Singapore is the world’s largest marine refueling hub, selling on average 4.2 million tonnes of bunker fuels to more than 3,400 vessels each month this year.

The company added, “Vopak’s concurrent bunkering service is the result of collaboration with BW Pacific, Sinanju Marine Services, and Unicore Fuel and will be progressively expanded to its other terminals in Singapore. Vopak’s Sebarok oil terminal has 79 storage tanks with a total capacity of 7.94 million barrels and nine berths for vessels”.

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