‘11 Odfjell’ vessels to upgrade propellers



All 11 Odfjell operating  37,500 dwt Kværner class chemical tankers are being upgraded by MAN Diesel & Turbo. The first vessel to be upgraded is ‘Bow Clipper’ which starts in the month of August.

Features :

  • Each vessel has MAN B&W two stroke engine powering a four bladed, controllable pitch propeller and a power take off (PTO) driven shaft alternator.
  • The Ship’s new service speed at reduced main-engine output is combined with the implementation of MAN’s alpha-Kappel:
  •  propeller blades,
  •  a fairing cone
  • prefabricated rudder bulb kit
  • With the implementation, a wide contribution will be available to Power savings and emission reductions.
  • The parts available for implementation are customised for the tanker’s hull and rudder designs.

“With our new design possibilities, we are looking forward to offering this fuel-saving concept to other fleets with similar operational patterns. With the long lifetime expectancy of Odfjell’s vessels, this upgrade investment is straightforward and very attractive”, informs Kjartan Ross, business development manager of MAN Diesel & Turbo’s Propeller & Aft Ship division.

History :

  • In 1991, Odfjell started the Kværner class newbuilding programme of 32,500 dwt ships.
  • It was started with 52 fully segregated stainless steel tanks and piping systems.
  • First delivery was first made in 1994,
  • A new series was packed with new technology: controllable pitch propellers, shaft alternators on main engines, bow thrusters, fixed tank-cleaning machines and radar positioned in each tank to gauge ullage.
  • Bow Firda, the last ship in the series was delivered in 2003.
  • It is equipped with – MAN B&W 7S50ME-C type – main engine with electronically controlled timing and no camshaft.

Vessels for Upgradation:

  • Bow Flower
  • Bow Clipper
  • Bow Fortune
  • Bow Cecil
  • Bow Flora
  • Bow Cardinal
  • Bow Faith
  • Bow Cedar
  • Bow Fagus
  • Bow Chain
  • Bow Firda

Particulars :



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