A Boon to the Navigators: Nav Lights & Shapes App


  • Nav Lights & Shapes App is the new go to application for Navigators of Sailboats, Power Boats and Commercial Vessels, Worldwide.
  • The app assists in finding the appropriate nav lights configuration to help identify the types of vessel and their aspect.
  • It is widely being acclaimed by users across the world.

 Nav Lights & Shapes App provides skippers and crew of recreational and commercial vessels with a quick reference tool to help them identify vessels in their vicinity and the activities they are engaged in. Whether learning or revising ashore, or when navigating in poor visibility or darkness the app comes into play.

Benefits of the app

Acts as a Quick reference learning and revision tool along with a simple and easy to use navigation. It is Especially useful for students of Day Skipper, Coastal Skipper and Yachtmaster courses. It contains over a 100 custom made graphics with clear, concise descriptions of all the rules which makes things easier. 

It has been delved into and produced by nautical and marine experts for accuracy. Its reliability stems from the fact that it has been positively evaluated by professional navigators. The top of the cherry is that it does not require constant internet connection.

A Well thought out structure 

The app has 4 sections:

  1. Nav Lights features graphics and descriptions of the lights that are displayed by different vessels at night or in poor visibility.
  2. Day Shapes features graphics and descriptions of the shapes that are displayed during daylight.
  3. Test Yourself features multiple choice questions of lights and shapes to test your knowledge.
  4. ColRegs features the IRPCS Part C: Lights and Shapes rules in full. If you answer any incorrectly, you have to go back and read through the rule again.

Positive Reviews

The app quickly invited lots of praises from its users who were mesmerized by the user-friendly interface. The hue and cry was also around the Test section which proved to be of great help to the students. Some reviews from the users have been enlisted per se as follows:

I was so impressed with your Nav Lights app that I bought it and downloaded it immediately.”, We run a training center and these apps are a great aide memoire for our students.”,Good app for anyone to use, especially when you are training for boatmaster, yachtmaster etc. Much easier than flip cards.”, “Clear and concise. Great app”.

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Source : Safe-Skipper


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