A Ship Carrying Fertiliser is on Fire in North Sea



MV Purple Beach, a container ship carrying fertilizers was on fire in the North Sea. The vessel was in transit from England to Germany and it had a huge load of fertilizers on board. Since there was a risk that the fertilizers could explode at any time, the crew members were evacuated from the vessel immediately.

It was reported that the initial blaze was extinguished by another nearby vessel which was Gulf-Africa Line (GAL) chartered. However the fire broke out once again despite the efforts of crew members and firefighters to put it off. According to BBC, all the crew members were treated in the hospital for toxic gas inhalation.

The officials are keeping their fingers crossed on the effects of chemicals or fertilizers being spilled at sea or air getting polluted with chemical vapours.

It is to be noted that the vessel was carrying 5000 tons of fertilizers. Later, the German officials reported that the vessel is no more at a risk of explosion as the emergency response vessels MV Mellum and MV Neuwerk used water cannons to douse the ship. It seems none of them know whether the smoke or gas cloud coming out of the vessel was due to the fire or chemical reaction. However the German officials revealed that the smoke or gas cloud has significantly reduced than that was in the past.

What would be your course of action as a technical Superintendent or a vessel Manager or DPA in such cases?

credits for Video: EURO NEWS – YOUTUBE


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