A Sniffer for Detecting Sulfur Emission  



Surveillance of Sulfur emission technology will start by mid 2015.

Both airborne and fixed position detection technology estimating the sulfur content with high degree of accuracy will be used.

Dorte Kubel, Chief Adviser, Danish Ministry of the Environment, says that using remote sensors often referred to as sniffers, will run throughout 2016.

Denmark can only enforce compliance on the ships at its port, as emission occurs mostly from the passing ship, hence the technology was developed to detect everything.

With the help of European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) database aimed at supporting the Port State Control inspection regime, the ship emitting too much will be informed at its next port through THETIS-S.

Sniffers :

Sniffers will be able to distinguish between gross non-compliance and compliance, informed Kubel.

The cut-off point depends on how much sulphur emissions will make it exceed the limit to qualify as ‘gross’ non-compliance was not clear..

Development of the sniffers were done at Chalmers University, and tested near Gothenburg, installing its equipment in Danish Aircraft and is now ready for routine.

Since Denmark does not have a Coast Guard to look after this, so Sniffers were developed.

Denmark is one among the few to use Sniffers in this way and will support effective enforcement to safeguard the environment and provide a level playing field for the industry.


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