Airbus conceives and enters into the developmental stage of New X6 model Helicopter



Airbus made an announcement at the Paris Airshow, about moving on to the developmental stage of their X-6 model Helicopter, designed particularly for Oil and gas missions.

Guillaume Faury, the CEO of Airbus emphasised that this new model will be smoother, more comfortable, have lower noise levels, work with lower operational costs and higher fuel efficiency. He added “Our objective is to bring to the market the most efficient helicopter solutions adapted for how our customers’ needs and the industry itself will evolve in the future.”

Airbus plans to design the model in close collaboration with a customer advisory board that will ensure that the craft meets Industry specific needs.

The  X6 heavy lift rotorcraft comes equipped with “fly-by-wire” technology that reduces the weight of the craft thereby allowing better fuel efficiency.The added features include simultaneous monitoring of pilot inputs in addition to the electronic control system that allows the craft to hover within the flight protection envelope, a technology that is already used  by the Company in many of its aircrafts.

This all-weather craft is envisaged to accommodate up to 19 passengers. This model will cater, not only to the oil and gas segments, but also for Search and Rescue operations.

It is expected that by 2020s,  this new model craft will take the world by storm.


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