All You Need to Know about – the “Sky Bench” Concept.



DNV GL presented an Approval in Principle (AiP) certificate to Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) at the Nor-Shipping exhibition in Oslo. HHI revealed an innovative design – “the Sky Bench Concept”, which is exclusively designed to increase the cargo capacity of large container ships. The upper three decks and the bridge of a “twin island” design container would be constructed as a separate sliding block. The constructions will be mounted on rails, able to move over the length of two 40-feet container bays. This will allow the presence of two additional 20-feet container bays. After the improvements the cargo growth is expected to be as follows:

  1. 270 TEUs on a 17-row wide 10,000 TEUs ship,
  2. 450 TEUs on a 23-row wide 19,000 TEUs ship, and
  3. 350 TEUs on a 20-row wide 14,000 TEUs vessel.

 The new SkyBench mechanism uses four electric drive train units to move the block backwards from its normal position and the operation process takes only ten minutes. The accommodation block rests on the two 40 feet side casings. They provide structural strength and hold lifeboats, provision cranes and utility rooms. In emergency situations, the sliding block is detachable and is designed to float independently of the ship.

Watch the Sky Bench Concept – Working:

 Credits: HHI – DNV GL.


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