Booty Found From Shipwreck


Booty worth an estimated $1 million belonging to the 18th century Spanish shipwreck was found by a family of treasure hunters.


A Spanish booty consisting of 51 gold coins, 12m of ornate gold chain and a single coin called a Royal was found from a shipwreck off Florida.  This treasure hunt was accomplished by subcontractor’s family known as the Schmitt’s in shallow waters of Fort Pierce while working for a ship called the Aarrr Booty.  Their feat was kept as a secret and was revealed on the 300th anniversary of the sinking of a fleet of Spanish ships in a hurricane off Florida in the year 1715.  These vessels were seafaring from Cuba to Spain when the fleet went down.  The sunken treasure consisted of hundreds of thousands of coins at seabed having a worth more than US$550 million.

1715 Fleet – Queens Jewels estimated that these coins are priced at US$250 per coin, making them more precious and sought out.  The treasure was found to be in a very good condition, making them rare possessions, made exclusively for King Felipe V.

The company has done many more successful attempts in past for the stemming from the 1715 storm.  The Florida state law permits the treasure to be divided equally by the family and the company after the deduction of 20 percent by the state.


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