Can Batteries Propel a Ferry?



With the Global pressure on carbon footprint and emissions, E-Ferries are expected to break the conventional ferry designs. The E-Ferries are electrically powered ferries whose source of power is from Wind, with high charging battery capability for shorter port stays.

   Engine room of the e-ferry will be replaced by two independent battery packs which deliver a total power of 3,800kw/hr. So there will not be any I.C. engines, associated tank and machineries. The battery pack is expected to weigh about 51 tonnes. This will drive two electric motors which will enable the ferry to cruise at about 15.5 knots, which is well above the conventional ferries, whose speed falls in the range of 9-13 knots.

With the use of lightweight materials, the energy consumption is expected to be half of the conventional ones against the additional constructional cost of 33% with 15% excess spend on land installations. Overall Profit is expected to be 20 to 30% than the conventional ones.

Don’t you think that E-Ferries are the future in European Inland waterways?



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