Cargo Ship Detained! Safety Deficiencies Detected


On Dec 5, 2017, the cargo ship “Lady Bo” has been detained in the port of Oristano. The reason for detention by Coast Guard technicians is that they found several deficiencies regarding safety on board the vessel.


  • Two important safety devices in the engine room were not functioning, the oily water separator and the alarm for a possible fuel overflow on the main engine. Both are very important to prevent fire on board.
  • The main fire-fighting line was damaged.
  • The records of hydrocarbons were incorrect.

The ship had a crew of 17 people of different nationalities, mainly Azerbaijani and Ukrainians on board. The vessel was enroute to Oristano from port of Reni and was carrying about 5,000 tons of sunflower flour in pellets.

She will only be released having restored the necessary conditions for safe navigation at sea.

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Source: L’Unione Sarda


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