Countries Come Together To Implement IMO Regime


Countries surrounding the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden have pledged to make progress towards ratifying, implementing and enforcing IMO’s liability and compensation regime, reports Port News.

The pledge was made at a workshop in Dubai (8-12 December) which included treaties covering wreck removal, salvage, carriage of hazardous and noxious substances, passengers, CLC, Fund, Bunkers Convention and limitation of liability.

Implementation of rules

The regime covers a wide range of pollution incidents, wreck removal, carriage of passengers and luggage – providing a system which enables liability to be determined and ensures that any compensation due is paid.

Countries need to ratify and implement rules and regulations in order for them to be effective.

IMO conventions

Participants from Egypt, Jordan, Oman, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Yemen were given a comprehensive overview of the relevant IMO liability conventions.

Participants also shared information on their countries’ law-making process and implementation of IMO conventions – including on drafting national maritime legislation.

The United Arab Emirates and Oman indicated their intention to work towards ratifying a number of the treaties concerned.

The workshop was organized by the Federal Transport Authority – Land & Maritime of the United Arab Emirates, in collaboration with IMO.

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Source: Port News


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