“Courage under Fire” – Fire On board a Car Carrier off UK Coast



Name of the Vessel: Courage

Type of Vessel:  Car Carrier

Location:  75 Miles North of London

Courage, a US-flagged car carrier, which was carrying both commercial vehicles as well as U.S. military vehicles, owned by American Roll-On Roll-Off carriers, reported a fire to UK Coastguard at Dover Maritime Rescue Coordination Center on June 2, 2015.

The reason for fire is still under investigation and the extent of damage is still unknown. The ship’s crew used the inbuilt CO2 system to extinguish the fire on one of the ship’s decks. BBC reported that the situation is well under control and five “Hampshire Fire and Rescue Maritime Response” officers are continuously assessing the situation.  If the ship is certified safe it may be brought to Southampton for damage assessment and repairs.


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