Crew abandons sinking boxship near Mumbai



Twenty crew members onboard a container ship, in danger of sinking, near Mumbai were rescued by the Indian Navy on Monday.

The 9,107 deadweight tonne (dwt) Jindal Kamakshi reportedly began taking on water on Sunday evening roughly 40 nautical miles off Mumbai harbour according to maritime news provider “The Maritime Executive”. It added that the ship became “unstable” and began to list 20 degrees to one side.

Early Monday morning, strong winds and heavy rain forced the ship’s captain to issue an immediate evacuation call. However, a ship-to-ship rescue could not be executed by the Navy due to dangerous weather conditions. The ship’s crew was air-lifted to safety instead.

All crew members have been reported safe, while the anchored Jindal Kamakshi remains abandoned. According to the report, local authorities were able to stabilise the ship and are continuing to monitor the situation.


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