[WATCH]Cruise Ship collides with a Tanker.


A cruise ship collided with a tanker carrying flammable Naphtha in Dardanelles Strait early Saturday morning.


The Maltese flagged MV Celestyal Crystal is a cruise ship on a vacation trip from Myconos in Greece to Istanbul in Turkey, carrying 852 passengers and 382 crew members.  Early Saturday morning the huge cruise ship collided with a tanker, STI Pimlico, at Dardanelles strait near Gallipoli, Turkey.  This tanker was sailing towards Malta from the Russian port of Tuapse.  The cruise lines recorded no injury.

The cruise ship had some structural damage when its bow hit the tanker’s port side.  The tanker carrying 30,000 MT of flammable naphtha suffered heavy damage and started leaking as she shook on a 15 degree list.  Due to this accident current cruise has been cancelled and the passengers were evacuated in small ferries to Gallipoli.  The STI Pimlico was built in 2014 and is owned by Scorpio tankers.  The leaked cargo has evaporated into the atmosphere causing less pollution to the sea surface.  The Dardanelles strait connecting the Aegean Sea with the Sea of Marmara and the Bosporus has been closed for traffic.

Credits: EURONEWS.


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