Eniram’s Solution to Reduce Fuel Consumption


Eniram’s Solution To Reduce Fuel Consumption

Eniram Ltd has launched a new fuel saving solution for LNG engines that can save 2-4% of fuel consumption.


Eniram Ltd, is the leading provider of energy management technology and analytic services to the shipping industry.  At the Gastech conference in Singapore on Tuesday, the company announced the launch of its new fuel efficiency tool, “The Eniram Engine”.

Where Can it be used?

        The Eniram Engine can be used on tri-fuel diesel electric (TFDE) liquefied natural gas (LNG) carriers.


        To combine the data from onboard fuel flow meters with generator loads, power produced and Specific Fuel Consumption (SFC).  After analysis the tool will suggest the optimal engine combination and fuel type for the prevailing conditions in order to save fuel.


  • The tool can better understand the different operating modes of LNG carriers.
  • The system will provide guidance only with this mixed fuel usage.
  • In carriers equipped with re-liquefaction plant where the Boil Off Gas(BOG) is re-liquefied and fuel oil is used for the engines, so that suggestions for fuel oil usage will be provided.
  • As a special feature the suggested combination is compared to the actual, so as to help the engineer in assessing the need to increase power output.  This makes the operating reserve power for each engine readily available.


“Monitoring the available power is critical for safe and efficient operations on board.  Eniram Engine TM demonstrates that even small changes in engine use pattern during a voyage can have a significant impact in reducing fuel and overall operating costs,” says Jussi Pyörre, CTO, Eniram.  “Based on our analysis, shipowners will be able to achieve a reduction of 2% to 4% of total fuel consumption.”

Source: Eniram