ESVAGT Strikes Contract With TotalEnergies



ESVAGT and TotalEnergies have closed several contracts as part of the marine spread for the Danish part of the North Sea, says a press release published on their website.

Rethinking of structure

The agreements involve the overall safety emergency response plus transport and transfer of goods and personnel and is based on a re-thinking of the operational structure. This is the reason why the fleet will be made up of several multi-functional vessels. In addition to safety, the agreements also focus on reducing the overall energy usage and lowering emissions.

About the contract

The underlying contracts include ESVAGT Dana, a combined “walk to work” (W2W) and Emergency Response and Rescue Vessel (ERRV); two rebuild PX121 multi-functional vessels that will combine transport and ERRV; plus two ESVAGT “group 2” ERRV vessels. All have been committed on long term contracts. Additionally, TotalEnergies has extended the current contracts for three ESVAGT “group 3” ERRV vessels for different time scopes to, among other things, contribute to the Tyra project.

Ambition to be a market leader

The new agreement is rooted in ESVAGT’s strong safety culture and years of experience making the Sea a safe workspace. At the same time, it draws on the competencies from the green transition that the shipping company started more than 10 years ago in offshore wind, where ESVAGT is a market leader.

Søren Karas, Chief Strategy and Commercial Officer in ESVAGT, says:

ESVAGT’s ambition is to be a market leader in offshore wind and help our oil and gas customers with their transformation. We are proud to be able to close these significant contracts with TotalEnergies and see it as a result of our great partnership and the work that ESVAGT has put in over the years to secure a safe and good working environment at sea for the many Danish offshore workers” 

Positive notes

Rasmus Rozentals, Head of Logistics & Support to Operations, TotalEnergies, says: 

Our collaboration with ESVAGT in the Danish part of the North Sea dates back more than 40 years, and we see them as an innovative and good partner for our efforts to deliver our production in the safest manner possible. Therefore we are very happy to have finalized this deal” 

Kristian Ole Jakobsen, Deputy Chief Executive Officer in ESVAGT, adds:

These contracts are a testament of ESVAGT’s position in Denmark and will create jobs for more than 160 sailors

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Source: Esvagt


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