First German Vessel to Get Converted to LNG



The Wessels Reederei, in collaboration with the main engine manufacturer MAN Diesel & Turbo and gas specialist TGW Marine Gas Engineering, has investigated main engine conversion options for the propulsion system from heavy fuel oil to low-emission liquefied natural gas (LNG). Wessels “Wes Amelie“(1,000 TEU), will be the first Containership to be converted to LNG worldwide.

Last Thursday on October 15th,  Wessels was given a government grant in the seven-figures for retrofitting their container ship “WES AMELIE”.  Through the utilization of LNG, the pollutant emissions will be drastically reduced (sulfur oxide (SOx) approx. >99%, nitrogen oxide (NOx) approx. 90%, CO2 up to 20%).

The federal program Mobility and Fuel Strategy promotes the maritime use of LNGs as an environmentally friendly fuel.  Funding was provided for the commitment to ‘Green Shipping.’

The “WES AMELIE” launched in 2011 is a modern, 1,000 TEU feeder vessel that operates in the North and Baltic Seas.  The “WES AMELIE” has 23 sister ships, 16 of them structurally identical, which allows follow-up projects to be easily implemented.

The use of LNG depends on the availability of liquefied natural gas on shipping and trade routes.  The existing LNG infrastructure is not sufficient enough for full coverage of ships under LNG operation.

The BMVI funded project promotes the demand for LNG as fuel for the maritime industry.  The flagship project will commence in Q4 2016.  It takes longer to deliver LNG tanks.  Full operational usage of LNG as fuel is planned for early December 2016.

By converting one of our ships, we demonstrate together with the Federal Government and our partners: ‘German shipping can LNG’.  With each rebuild we finish together, we are creating an increasing demand for LNG as a clean fuel.  Only in this way – and not only through appeals – can the development of an LNG infrastructure continue to gain momentum”, said Christian P. Hoepfner, General Manager of Wessels Reederei.

Source: Wessels Reederei