GTT Secures Major Tank Design Contracts for Record-Breaking LNG Carriers


GTT has been contracted to design tanks for ten LNG carriers (LNGCs) by Hudong-Zhonghua, each featuring five tanks with a combined capacity of 271,000 cubic meters. These vessels, identified as the world’s largest LNGCs last September, will be equipped with GTT’s NO96 Super+ membrane containment system. The delivery schedule spans from Q1 2030 to Q4 2031.

Advanced Containment Technology: NO96 Super+ Membrane System

  • Enhanced Insulation: GTT’s NO96 Super+ technology incorporates reinforced polyurethane foam (R-PUF) panels instead of traditional plywood boxes. This innovation reduces heat ingress within the tank.
  • Thermal Optimization: Glass wool flat joints are used between neighboring foam panels to further enhance thermal performance.

Additional Orders from Asian Shipbuilders

  • Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI): In February, GTT was commissioned by SHI to design tanks for 15 new LNGCs, each with a capacity of 174,000 cubic meters. These vessels will feature the Mark III Flex membrane containment system and are slated for delivery between Q4 2026 and Q4 2028.
  • Chinese Shipbuilder: Prior to the SHI order, GTT received a contract from another Chinese shipbuilder for tank design for eight very large LNGCs, each with a capacity of 271,000 cubic meters, utilizing the NO96 Super+ system.

Technological Approvals and Advancements

  • NEXT1 LNG Cargo Containment System: At the Posidonia 2024 maritime event, GTT’s NEXT1 system received approvals from two classification societies, indicating readiness for commercial deployment.
  • Environmental Impact: Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding launched the world’s first fifth-generation LNG carrier for China’s CNOOC. This new vessel is projected to emit 10 tons less carbon emissions per day compared to previous generations.


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Source: Offshore Energy