Hi FIN,a fuel saving device attracts global markets



Hyundai Heavy Industries found a new fuel saving propeller attachment that generates countering swirls to offset swirls generated by the propeller.With this,the efficiency of the propeller is increased.

The attachment named as Hi Fin had a year long testing by HHI,the world’s largest shipbuilder which is now ready to hit the market.Another advantage is that the installations can be made in almost all types of ships from LNG carriers to ships like VLCC,LPG carriers and containerships.

The Trial:

The device installed on a 162000 m3 LNG carrier was observed which had a result stating that Hi Fin can save up to 2.5% of fuel when compared with the same type of vessel without Hi Fin.

When calculated with the fuel saving ratio on 8600 TEU containerships,the savings can be $750000 per year or in an estimated life span of about 25 years the savings can be up to $19 million estimates HHI.

Orders for Hi Fin:

Orders for 30 ships has been received,but HHI expects more orders,as Hi Fin attracts customers across global markets.


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