Hydrocarbons Found In Deep Caribbean Waters


Ecopetrol reveals about the important discovery of hydrocarbons in the Colombian Caribbean ultra-deep water.


Ecopetrol, Colombia’s state oil company has found the hydrocarbons at its Kronos-1 well in ultra-deep waters of the Caribbean Sea.  These hydrocarbons were found at the depth of 3720 meters (12200 feet) at the well in the Fuerte Sur block, about 53 km (33 miles) offshore.  It was also reported that the drillship Bolette Dolphin, employed in the activities at Kronos-1 will conclude this operation, move to Fuerte Norte Block to continue drilling Calasu-1 well, located 145 Kilometers northeast of Kronos-1.

This discovery has great significance for Colombian offshore exploration, giving the indications of a new petroleum province in the south Caribbean.  It has further strengthened the proposed geological model with high hydrocarbon potential.

Currently, Colombia is the Latin America’s fourth-biggest oil producer.  It is striving to increase output so as to make up for losses incurred by the decline in global oil prices.  Presently, it is having an output of above 1 million barrels a day and holds a reserve of around 2.3 billion barrels in 2014.

Ecopetrol jointly owns the Kronos-1 with Texas-based partners Anadarko each having a holding of 50%. Anadarko  is known for its experience in deep water and ultra-deep water exploration, project management and execution.


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