IBIA Alerts Shippers About Onboard Fuel Sampling


According to an article published in Safety4Sea, the IBIA has issued alerts on the upcoming 2020 sulphur cap regulation, reminding the shipping industry that it will be mandatory for vessels to have sampling point to be fitted or designated for the purpose of taking representative samples of the fuel oil being used onboard the ship.

What is it?

This was approved as an amendment to the regulation at the 74th session of the IMO’s Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC 74).

The aim of this amendment is to ensure that competent authorities have access to designated sampling point(s) to obtain representative sample(s) of the fuel oil being used on board in order to verify that it meets the relevant sulphur limit (0.10% in emission control areas, 0.50% outside ECAs).

What does it mean?

This regulation means that all the vessels with 400 gross tonnage and more following international shipping should fit or designate these sampling points no later than the first renewal survey that occurs 12 months or more after the entry into force of the new regulatory requirement.

IBIA Highlights

Under the possibility that MEPC 75, which will be conducted on April 2020, will adopt the amendments stated above, they will come into operation in the second half of 2021. Yet, IBIA informs that IMO has already invited Member Governments to apply the amendments to appendix VI of MARPOL Annex VI related to sulphur verification procedures in advance of their entry into force.

The requirement is not applicable to low-flashpoint fuel systems IBIA highlights.

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Source: Safety4Sea


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