International Maritime Organization celebrates the “Day of the Seafarer”



This day was instituted by the IMO to remember the importance of seafarers and to raise awareness about life at sea. IMO’s campaign this year aims to inspire young people to consider a Career at Sea.

Unique felicitations at Princess Cruises:  

Princess Cruises thanked all the 1.5 million seafarers for their service and contribution during their career at sea.

Princess Cruises also extended its support to organizations located worldwide that support and provide humanitarian services to seafarers.  To name a few of these organizations – House (Ft. Lauderdale, Florida), Seafarers UK (Southampton, England), Mission to Seafarers (Seattle, Washington) and International Seafarer’s Center (Long Beach/Los Angeles, Calif).

Princess deployed a unique method to raise money for charity.  They conducted an auction of their nautical chart, detailing the voyage route which is hand signed by the Captain.  Fleetwide, auction proceeds collected from the ship guests in the month of July is to be clubbed with a matching amount which is to be contributed by the Princess Cruises Community Foundation.  The combined proceeds are donated to seafarer organizations that promote the well-being of seafarers and their families.

Princess Cruises, in particular acknowledged the contribution and cooperation of its 18,000 ship board crew who have come from more than 70 different nations.  The Princess, in particular chose to honour three of its oldest and long standing employees for their dedicated service at sea.

Jan Swartz, Princess Cruises president felt that, “it is only as a result of the committed and dedicated service of their staff, that guests enjoy a safe, meaningful and memorable cruise vacation”.  The company is joining the IMO in celebrating the Day of the Seafarer by donating a cruise to the Seattle branch of Mission to Seafarers and will be hosting their annual luncheon aboard Crown Princess on August 22 in the Port of Seattle.

Nautilus International celebrates “Seafarer’s Day” with a focus on Maritime Education:  

In support of the IMO’s theme to promote careers at sea, Nautilus International is encouraging seafarers with shore jobs to share their experiences and has commissioned a research into career patterns of seafaring skills for the transition to shore side jobs.  The findings shall be released during a seminar at London International Shipping Week in September.

General secretary of the Union, Mark Dickinson opined, “The day is a great opportunity for maritime professionals from all sectors to champion the value of maritime education and training, not only to support a rewarding career at sea but also a seafarer’s subsequent employment ashore”.

The union in its bid to encourage shore side jobs, is encouraging seafarers to go online via Twitter or Facebook and post messages on the benefits of shore based jobs.


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