Investigation report on Halit Bey released



On 22nd April, 2014 an incident causing the 2009 built Turkish managed tanker Halit Bey grounding off Grondines, Quebec.  After several investigations the Transportation Safety Board of Canada(TSB), has released its reports.


  1. The steering control was lost as the vessel was proceeding in St.Lawrence river.
  2. The vessel exited the navigational channel and was grounded on the south side of the river.
  3. No reports of injuries,damages,or pollution.
  4. Two tugs were used to re-float the vessel.


An unprotected joystick was moved accidentally,and activated the autopilot override and alarm.  The bridge team was not familiar with the steering system and had no knowledge regarding the regaining control procedure.  So the vessel had a sudden change in the direction and grounded off the shore.  Marine safety Advisory letter was sent to the vessel owner by TSB on May 29,2014 regarding the issues:

  • Steering gear control configuration
  • Navigating crew members to be familiarized with the gear system  on Halit Bey.

Emergency changeover procedures have been adopted after the incident where the gearing system has a peculiar system of losing control on steering on accidental turning on of autopilot override.


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