More the Kids Greater the Stress Her Body Endures




Study revealed:

  • Childbearing causes accelerated aging in women
  • Having kids causes women to experience oxidative stress
  • Lactation, birth and childcare require increases in energy metabolism
  • Increases biomarkers for premature aging

Childbearing can cause accelerated premature aging in women, as per Yale University researchers who tested 100 healthy postmenopausal women from five rural villages in Poland.

Lead study author Dr Richard Bribiescas said: ‘Like all organisms, people face trade-offs between reproduction and maternal survival in places where energy resources are limited, like a rural farming village.’

‘This study, for the first time, provides compelling evidence of those trade-offs in humans.’

The metabolic costs of pregnancy and lactation have a heavy physiological effect on women, the researchers said.

Source: Detroit Newstime