Lack of Shipboard security leaves three ships attacked in quick succession



Three vessels, Brazil-registered bulk carrier – Densa Shark, Norway-registered LNG tanker – Clipper Posh and Panama-registered tanker – Pro Triumph were attacked by pirates within a three-hour window in the early hours of June 17. These ships were in close proximity with each other, all within 10 nm radius of Pulau Takong Kecil area, in the eastbound lane of the Straits of Malacca and Singapore.

In all three incidents, perpetrators were reported to have been spotted in the Engine room. In the case of Panama-registered tanker, Pro Triumph, perpetrators fled with some spare generator parts, once the alarm was raised after they had tied and bound the Chief and first Engineers.

Although these incidents can be judged as ‘petty theft’ in nature, it still necessitates the ships to pay more attention to shipboard security. The vessels are more vulnerable to these kind of incidents when they have a low freeboard and are navigating at slower speed to negotiate a turn. In such situations, increased vigilance, early detection of perpetrators and immediate activation of alarm are some of the key actions towards preventing unauthorised boarding.


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