London To Move Towards a Carbon-Neutral Future


London’s new green floating fuel station is expected to be a leading provider of biofuel throughout the UK, says an article on Azocleantech.

Air Pollution in London

Like many other major cities worldwide, air pollution has remained one of the biggest environmental risks to the people living in London.

In terms of CO2 emissions, London has exhibited a gradual decline over the past several years, with a 37% reduction reported between the peak levels in 2000 and those released at the end of 2018. However, London released an estimated 32.4 million tons of CO2, which indicates that more work must be done to reduce this major city’s carbon emission levels.

London’s New Green Floating Fuel Station

The successful incorporation of biofuel into London’s public transportation system has supported the city’s first green floating fuel station.

Companies Partnering

This project has been made possible by the partnership between GPS Marine, which is the largest commercial operator of vessels on the Thames, and Green Biofuels, which is a leading provider of GREEND+ and GREEND45 biofuels throughout the United Kingdom.

This revolutionary project is expected to improve local air quality and reduce London’s CO2 emission levels while simultaneously supporting the clean-up of the Thames river.

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Source: Azocleantech



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