MAN Energy Solutions Enters Innovation Partnership

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MAN Energy Solutions and Anglo-Eastern Ship Management Ltd. recently signed a cooperation agreement regarding a so-called ‘Innovation Partnership’, says an article published on their website.

Engine performance

Under the terms of the agreement, the two parties will – on an ongoing basis – exchange data and knowledge regarding the daily operation of engines, engine performance and maintenance, testing of digital products, development and creation of software, algorithms, and APIs, among other areas.

Signed the agreement

Carsten Ostenfeldt, Chief Operating Officer, Asia and Harald Klein, Chief Operating Officer, Europe, signed the agreement on behalf of Anglo-Eastern, while Stig Holm, Head of Marine & Power Digital Denmark, and Michael Petersen, Senior Vice President and Head of PrimeServ Denmark, signed on behalf of MAN Energy Solutions.

Future digital solutions

Ostenfeldt said: “We are very much looking forward to working with MAN Energy Solutions on this exciting project and gaining insight into the development of future digital solutions. We will allocate the appropriate resources to ensure the success of the project and expect to gain ever-more efficient tools to support the daily operation of our fleet.”

Ship-management organisation

Holm said: “We are very happy to have entered this project with such an able partner as Anglo-Eastern. For our part, we will get invaluable industry insight from a major, maritime ship-management organisation with substantial knowledge of the daily and strategic operation of a large fleet of diverse vessel types. This agreement gives us access to a large fleet where new products can be tested and we can receive operational feedback from crew and technical shore-staff alike.”

Workshop innovation

The agreement is scheduled to run for a minimum of two years and the partners have agreed to meet every two months, beginning with a workshop on innovation in Copenhagen in December 2022.

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Source: MAN Energy Solution


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