Marorka – Marching Ahead with its “Energy Efficiency & Management Tool”



Neste Shipping Oy, Finland has signed an agreement with Marorka to install “Data-Driven Energy monitoring and Management tool” on board all its tanker fleet to improve energy efficiency.

Neste Shipping would be the first who prefers to install Energy Management systems on its chartered vessels. It believes in Uniformity – that is installation of a common Energy Management system on all chartered vessels – irrespective of ship owners and its make.

Marorka has already installed close to 500 such real time Energy Management systems on board over the last 10 years. Jacob Granqvist, Neste’s Chartering Operations Manager, said: “The Marorka energy management solution will enable Neste to focus on optimizing the energy efficiency of their entire chartered fleet based on accurate real-time data.”

Neste is very confident that Marorka’s Energy Management tool would offer a new dimension when it comes to Ship’s Performance Monitoring and Energy Management.

Being a Ship Manager or a Technical Superintendent, Would you prefer to have such a system installed on your Vessels?

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