Natural Gas Enough to Fuel 65 homes for a Year – Got Leaked


gas.pngOver 4 million cubic feet of Natural gas, which is enough to fuel 65 homes for a year,  got leaked from the ruptured pipeline under the Arkansas river.

The Arkansas Times reports that Arkansas consumed about 774.8 (approx.) million cubic feet per day. The U.S. Coast guard has stepped up to the scene to mitigate the rupture and gas leak from the pipeline operated by Texas Eastern pipeline – Spectra Energy. The Engineers from Spectra Energy isolated the pipeline in such a way that necessary repair works can be carried out.

It was also reported that a towboat, Chris M, suffered some damages on its port side. Investigating officials are not sure whether the pipeline was struck by Chris M or if it exploded for a different reason.

The pollution investigators confirmed that there was no visible pollution seen on water surface. Engineers are continuously monitoring the atmosphere gas quality in order to minimize the risk of fire and explosion.

Since natural gas is less dense it is very likely to bubble up to the surface and dissipate in thin air quickly.


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