New canal structure approved at expanded waterway


panan.pngToll infographic (Source: Panama Canal)

Cabinet Council of Republic of Panama recently approved a new set of  proposals for modification of the Canal toll structure. This is as per recommendation of Panama Canal Authority(ACP) Board of directors.


 Panama Canal Administrator and CEO Jorge Quijano.  said “After working in close cooperation with our partners in the maritime industry, I am pleased we will be able to provide a more bespoke pricing solution for our customers; one that recognizes their various needs and requests, while still appreciating the value and reliability provided by the route,” 

Pricing Structure :

The new proposal modifies the pricing structure for most canal segments and creates a new segment specifically for LNG tankers. This will create a key new market for the canal once the expansion is completed.


  • A customer loyalty program for the container segment will be held, a first time for ACP, in which frequent customers will now receive premium prices when a particular TEU is reached.
  • The new toll adjustments for market segments are scheduled to go live on April 1,2016.


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