New Online Course On Ballast Water Management Released


A new free-to-access course on ballast water management in international shipping is now publicly available on IMO’s e-learning platform. 

Open To Public  

The course, ‘Introduction to Ballast Water Management and Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement’, is targeted at government staff working at national authorities responsible for the prevention and control of pollution from ships, particularly about the control and management of ships’ ballast water and sediments to prevent the introduction of invasive aquatic species, and the implementation and enforcement of the Ballast Water Management (BWM) Convention. 

The course is open to the public, giving all stakeholders in the maritime community and beyond the opportunity to learn about IMO’s work in this area. 

The course provides an overview of ballast water management and how it helps protect the marine environment, the BWM Convention and its associated guidelines, the role of Administrations and other stakeholders such as shipping companies and seafarers in implementing global standards, and practical information to ensure compliance with the regulations. 

All stakeholders in the maritime community are invited to take advantage of the free, self-paced course, which covers the following specific topics, with an emphasis on interactive activities:  

  • Invasive aquatic species and ballast water management (BWM) 
  • Ballast Water Management Convention and Guidelines 
  • Obligations of Parties under the BWM Convention 
  • Compliance monitoring and enforcement for port State control 
  • Risk assessment and management 

About Ballast Water Management

Ballast water taken onboard ships to ensure stability can carry thousands of aquatic organisms. When carried to a new location, these can become invasive, threatening local biodiversity and resources. 

The International Convention for the Control and Management of Ships’ Ballast Water and Sediments (BWM Convention) was adopted in 2004 to introduce global regulations to control the transfer of potentially invasive aquatic species. With the treaty in force since 2017, ships are required to manage their ballast water following its provisions. 

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Source: IMO