On board Drug tests in 5 Minutes – Martek Mobile Drug Testing Solution.



Martek Marine – is one amongst the world leaders in the manufacture of safety and environmental emissions monitoring system for the marine industry. Martek has recently launched a ‘5 minute mobile drug testing kit’ where the shipboard staffs can be subjected to unannounced drug test to comply with various International rules and maritime regulations including but not limited to:

  1. The IMO – Standards of Training, Certification & Watchkeeping (STCW) 2010,
  2. The ILO/WHO – “Guiding Principles on Drug and alcohol testing procedures for worldwide application in the maritime industry”,
  3. USCG guidelines,
  4. OCIMF Recommendations.

Paul Luen, CEO of Martek commented, “It’s no coincidence that the rate of positive tests rises sharply when testing moves from this scheduled and pre-announced regime to being truly random and unannounced.

He further added that it would not be healthy for any ship operator to presume that their ships may be drug free in spite of all scheduled shore based tests proving negative.

Mr. Luen further commented “Random unannounced testing is the ONLY truly effective deterrent to drug use on ships and that’s why Martek Marine have introduced the DDS2 saliva test to revolutionize drug screening on ships”, adding “DDS2 marks a massive breakthrough in technology and is the world’s first and only truly portable drug tester from saliva.”

The system concurrently tests for up to 6 drugs including all the standard drugs of abuse:

  1. Amphetamine (AMP);
  2. Benzodiazepines (BZO);
  3. Cannabis (THC);
  4. Cocaine (COC);
  5. Methadone (MTD);
  6. Methamphetamine (MAMP) and Opiates (OPI).

A total of 26 drug tests is currently available including for newer drugs such as SPICE, Ketamine and Mephedrone. Each test takes around 2-3 minutes to administer with the donor using a swab stick to collect saliva – a clear color change indicates the stick is ready for testing. The test stick is then simply inserted into the DDS2 instrument with a definitive test result read on the display in 5 minutes. Martek are formally launching the system at NOR Shipping in Oslo this week and offering the first 50 companies the opportunity to trial the system free for three months.


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