Piraeus looks forward for LNG Bunkering.


The Greek port – Piraeus, hosted an event which exclusively dealt with the feasibility of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) bunkering and LNG as fuel in ships.

The event organized by Poseidon Med, a Mediterranean-focused LNG bunkering project was held on Piraeus Port Authority premises.

If you are wondering what is Poseidon Med, here is some information for you.

POSEIDON MED – is the first LNG bunkering project in the Mediterranean and Adriatic Sea led and coordinated by QENERGY Europe.  It is the first Cross European Border project which aims at introducing LNG as the main fuel for the world shipping industry and developing a sufficient infrastructure network of bunkering value chain.”


The topics discussed during the technical seminar included the below critical items:

  1. Safety Zones,
  2. Simultaneous Operations,
  3. Size and Numbers of LNG Bunkering barges,
  4. Impact of LNG bunker barge traffic in Port operations and
  5. The capability to re-load LNG cargo locally or at remote location.

The attendees of the event included project partners from Greece and Italy, shipping companies, port authorities, designers and stakeholders.  It is evident that Piraeus (Greece), really looks forward to emerge as LNG Bunkering hub.


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