Recycling Facility Workers Trained By Maritime Board


In the 16th issue of Demystifying Ship Recycling, free compulsory training imparted to the yard workers to upgrade their skills and awareness was discussed, says an article published on GMSInc website. 

Workshops and seminars

The recycling yards have HSE Officers and Supervisors who monitor the yard workers’ day-to-day activities. 

Gujarat Maritime Board (GMB) has developed workshops and seminars to train the workers who perform managerial jobs and lead smaller teams.

A. Hazardous Materials Manager’s Course:

The content of the course includes – 

  • identification, 
  • extraction, and 
  • storage of hazardous material from the ships

B. Ship Recycling and Toxic Health Hazard:

In this course, the health hazards related to exposure to toxic materials are discussed.

C. Use of multi-gas detectors

The use of multi-gas detectors is crucial before making man-entry to the confined spaces and before commencing the hot work. The participants are trained for the correct application of the multi-gas detectors.

D. Advanced First Aid and Basic Life Support Safety in Plot

It is essential for workers to understand the first aid and the basics of life support to respond appropriately in an emergency onboard vessel and at the shipyard.

E. Environment and Safety Risk Assessment

Risk assessment is foremost and should be conducted before commencing any physical work onboard a vessel. The associated risks with specific jobs should be identified and mitigated as per the Risk Matrix. The participants are trained to carry out not only safety risk assessment but also environmental risk assessment.

F. Operations of Crane and Winches

Ship recycling cannot be imagined without cranes and winches. In this training, participants are trained for the Cranes and Winches’ proper operations and hazards associated with the crane and winch wires.

G. Work Stress Management

In this workshop, the participants are educated about managing the stress related to work. Due to a hectic day-to-day lifestyle, it is evident that someone gets stressed, and it’s paramount to understand work stress management.

H. Handling of Asbestos

In this workshop, participants are explicitly trained to handle Asbestos. The workshop covers training for identification, extraction, segregation, and disposal of Asbestos.

I. Work Permit Systems

Shipyard workers have to perform different tasks like enclosed space entry, hot work, working at height, etc. Filling a permit before the beginning of the work is vital for communicating critical safety information. The workshop explains the significance of the work permits and how to fill them effectively.

J. Fire Safety Awareness onboard vessel and in the plot

Ship recycling is impossible without gas cutting. There is always a hazard associated with fire, and it is crucial to make participants aware of the fire safety onboard the vessel and at the plot.

It is worth noting that periodic Refresher courses are conducted to ensure workers are up to date with evolving safety standards and safe working practices. In case of any incident, learnings from the incident training are undertaken to prevent such events in recycling facilities. The effectiveness of training is evaluated by written & oral exams and issuance of a certificate. GMB provides all training for free of cost keeping the workers’ safety at the forefront. GMB is persistently imparting such training over the last two decades.

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Source: GMSInc


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