Removing Particulates from Exhaust Gas – a Patent filed for ‘Dry’ Filter System.



It is well known that when bunker fuels are burnt in ship’s engines, particulate matter exit the funnel stack along with the exhaust gas. These particulates are not effectively scrubbed off by the conventional current exhaust abatement technology. In May 2013, Ecospray Technologies, an Italian technological firm, happened to be the first company to file a patent for marine fuel particulate filter.  The patent has also been published online by the company.  

The automotive industry employs the particulate filters to scrub the particulates from the exhaust gas. It is to be noted that these particulate filters are ‘dry’ type and known to be effective than the ‘wet’ type counterparts. A shipboard wet type filters/scrubbers are good to remove off sulphur dioxides (SO2) and certain amount of particulates. Whereas the ‘dry’ type filters are specially equipped in removing the particulates.

“In the marine sector, namely for the large diesel engines with which ships are equipped, currently there isn’t any dry filtration for the particulate. The present invention aims to resolve these issues by providing a particulate filtering apparatus that can, in particular, be used with marine diesel engines, which use low quality fuel, allowing a dry filtration of exhaust gases that is more efficient than wet filtration currently used in the sector” as per published patent statements.


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