Revolutionizing Tanker Connectivity: Polembros Adopts Starlink!

Credit: 정 규송 Nui MALAMA/Pexels

Installing Starlink as a component of a hybrid digital network will improve crew communications aboard several of Polembros Shipping’s operated ships.

Seafarer communications 

Athens-based ship manager, Polembros, plans to test connectivity using low earth orbit (LEO) satellites on its tankers in collaboration with Marlink. Currently utilizing Marlink’s hybrid network and VSAT services, Polembros seeks to enhance onboard welfare services by deploying the SeaLink NextGen service. This deployment is expected to provide faster throughput, and lower latency, and enable the implementation of additional digital solutions for improved business and seafarer communications.

Safety and Quality 

Polembros Shipping, an established ship manager based in Athens, is set to leverage Marlink’s SeaLink NextGen service for improved connectivity. The service combines VSAT through geostationary satellites with L-band connectivity through either LEO or geosynchronous satellites as a backup. This flexible mix of connectivity options, including LEO or MEO, 5G, and digital solutions, is managed through Marlink’s Xchange platform and fortified by robust cybersecurity measures. Polembros Shipping, renowned for its commitment to safety and quality, manages a fleet of Aframax and Suezmax tankers, while its affiliate, Polembros Bulkers, oversees dry cargo ships ranging in size from Handysize to Newcastlemax. The partnership with Marlink is instrumental in meeting the high communication standards required by both fleet managers and shipboard teams, contributing to Polembros’ overall success.

Low-latency global service

Greek shipping companies, including Polembros Shipping, are embracing the trend of enhanced connectivity and investing in new applications facilitated by Starlink’s low-latency global service. These investments enable services such as video streaming, instant data transfer tools, and remote access technology for maintenance and compliance purposes. Marlink’s President for Maritime, Tore Morten Olsen, highlights Polembros Shipping’s adoption of digital services as a significant step towards supporting fleet performance and safety. Integrating Starlink’s LEO service into Marlink’s hybrid network further solidifies the longstanding partnership and positions Polembros as a forward-thinking company committed to embracing future technologies.

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Source: Riviera


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