Royal Navy ship rescues 1,200 off Libyan coast.


HMS Bulwark rescues 3,500 migrants adrift in dinghies off coast of Libya and saved them.

sdcredits: dailymail

The highlights of the mission as reported by dailymail :

  • Pregnant women and children among the desperate migrants rescued 30 miles off the coast of Libya yesterday
  • Those helped were given bread and water by crews on-board HMS Bulwark while security checks were carried out
  • Royal Navy Merlin helicopter spotted the overcrowded boats yesterday morning on radar before launching rescue
  • Up to 500,000 refugees are still waiting on the Libyan coast for migrant boats despite thousands drowning

 Desperate migrants, who were on the lower deck of a warship, claimed the Royal Navy had ‘saved their lives’ after being rescued off the North African coast.


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