Safety Harness Saves Life!


This video is not from a shipyard or from a ship.  However, this will clearly show you why safety harnesses are important when it comes to working aloft.

In this incident, it is definite that without safety harness, there would have been a sureshot accident which could have even resulted in a fatality.

The full-body harness is an important component of personal fall arrest systems – keeping workers suspended upright in the event of a fall, and supporting them while they await rescue.  In many cases, full-body harnesses can also be used in fall restraint systems which prevent workers from reaching points where falls can occur.  Most regulations prohibit the use of body belts for fall protection due to the concentration of fall forces on the abdomen.  In the event of a fall, full-body harnesses distribute fall forces throughout the body, substantially reducing chances of injury.

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Video: Erhan Karaman on YouTube


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