Save up to $20,000 With the New Electric Cylinder Liner Honing Machine.



Electric cylinder liner honing machines are expected to march in the market very soon. Chris-Marine, leading Engine maintenance specialist has launched an electrically driven liner honing machine for 4-stroke and small 2-stroke engine cylinders.

hon-s-deglazing-and-honing-machine.jpegChris-Marine has coined its electrically driven honing machine as “HON EL”, which allows a greater control over the honing process than its hydraulic counterpart. The electric version allows operators to have a very close control over the cross pattern, duration of honing treatment and specifically select the liner area which needs the honing treatment.

The ITA (Intelligent Turning-point Algorithm) technology on the electric driven honing machines enables state-of-art ‘Automatic Stroke Control’ for honing the liners which makes the drive almost noise-free. The system has a safety feature incorporated which enables auto shutdown of the machine when the honing head is removed from the liner.

According to Chris-Marine, “honing the cylinder liner every 15,000 hours can result in a 30% saving in lubricant use. For an engine normally consuming 8,400 kg of oil a year, at a cost of US$8 per kilogram, that equates to an annual saving of US$20,160”.

 Source: Chris-Marine.


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