Snap Back Zone – Towing Caused a Tug Boat to Sink claiming two lives


dead.pngA Tugboat – named 97 Samyong, was towing a vessel. According to Yonhap news agency, one of the vessel’s towing cables snapped back, hitting the sides of the Tug Boat. It is likely that the snapped cables struck the Captain and a crew unconscious in the water.  Despite rushing them to a hospital nearby, they were declared dead. The boat reportedly sank off the coast of Busan and the authorities have cordoned of the area to prevent further accidents.

Thus Snap Back Zones does not only apply within a ship, but also applies to both the vessels involved in towing.  

Each and every mooring or anchoring operation, the ship as well as the tug crew should be more careful about the snap back zones. People who handle mooring ropes have to be extra cautious, keeping Snap Back Zones always in mind.


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