Steamer L.R. Doty: Frozen In Time



L.R. Doty was a Great Lakes steamship launched in May 1893 at West Bay City, Michigan.  She was one of the last giant steamships built to carry cargo across the Lakes.

L.R. Doty was last seen afloat October 25, 1898 north of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, during a violent storm on Lake Michigan, with winds reaching 70 miles per hour (110 km/h).

L.R. Doty was finally rediscovered on June 25, 2010, after being lost for 111 years.  Found below more than 300 feet (91m) of water, the wreck was still upright and intact with even the corn cargo still safely in its hold.  The Doty is in such an amazing state of preservation due to the extremely cold, fresh water, and the great depth.

Source: Wikipedia


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