Stricken container ship Jindal Kamakshi could develop fuel leak



On Monday, a 20 member crew was evacuated following the ship’s listing and taking on water.  The abandoned and anchored ship is found to be listing at a 20 degrees angle, which could cause the vessel to leak fuel.  With the strong monsoon winds and currents, this could pose a great risk of an oil spill that could get washed ashore.

A spokesperson for Vanashakthi, an Indian environmental pressure group, voiced his concern to media on Tuesday that the repeated oil spills occurring each year has not yet alerted the government to act purposefully.  No technologically advanced systems are available to handle such potential disasters.  He opined that a change in law that would enforce fuel to be pumped out of a stricken ship’s tanks without waiting for consent from vessel’s owners could help avert looming disasters.

The said ship is operated by the Indian transportation company Jindal Vector.


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