Svitzer procures two more ASD 3212 Tugs from Damen Shipyards



The 180-year-old towage and salvage company, Svitzer, a part of the Maersk Group,  has been regularly procuring Damen Tugs in the past few years.  Svitzer UK’s tug fleet now totals 21 Damen tugs including these three ASD 3212 vessels.  They specialize in escorting many of the world’s largest tankers, cruise ships, bulk carriers and container ships.

The latest addition to their fleet are two “ASD 3212” – 80 Ton bollard pull tugs, procured specifically for large vessel escorting and towing operations on the Thames River and in Felixstowe.  The specifications of Damen ASD 3212 are as follows: Length 32.70 m, Beam overall 12.82 m, Depth at side 5.35 m, Speed ahead 14.4 knots, Speed astern 14.1 knots.  For propulsion: two Caterpillar 3516C HD TA/D engines with a total power of 5,050 bkW at 1,800 rpm.  They come with special 2800 mm controllable-pitch propellers for smooth manoeuvrability and special Render Recovery winches.

Damen Shipyards uses its Song Cam Shipyard at Vietnam to build these tugs.  They are expected to be delivered to Svitzer UK in October 2015.

Damen Shipyard specializes in tailor making designs and delivery of vessels as per customer specifications.  In 2014, they first supplied a special model ASD 3212 tug outfitted with a fixed-pitch propeller with a forward winch combo to Svitzer.  Following this, Svitzer has been procuring tugs on a more regular basis from Damen.  Svitzer UK has more than 430 vessels in over 100 locations worldwide.


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