Tanker Collision Kills One In Java Sea



Date: 27th July 2015.

Location: Java Sea. 10:40 p.m local time

Vessels Involved: Tanker and a Squid fishing vessel.

Casualties: 1. One fisherman Killed and

                       2. Three seafarers are missing.

A tanker heading for the Indonesian port of Surabaya or Semarang collided with a fishing boat in the Java Sea.  The local police said that the incident had killed one and left 3 men missing.  They added that eight of the fishing boat’s crew members have survived and another shipping boat rescued them 4 hours after the incident.            

The ship’s captain reported to police that the crew were asleep when the tanker hit the vessel from behind, destroying the ship.  It is accused that the tanker did not stop to assist the crew of the squid fishing vessel.

The incident is currently being investigated by local police.


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