Tracking Bunker Consumption and Ship’s Emissions is possible with the New Software.




ExactEarth, a Canadian vessel tracking specialist, announced their plan on developing a new software application  to monitor the realtime shipboard fuel consumption and emission data. This is achieved by partnering with US communication giant, Harris Corp, for their communication needs.  This was announced alongside  their $3 billion dollar  partnership with the Harris Corp.

Highlights :

  1. ExactEarth currently uses 8 satellites to track vessel movement of 120,000 ships around globe.
  2. The agreement was for the supply of 58 new satellites to track a series of real time data in addition to vessel location.
  3.  Iridium Next, the complete constellation of communications satellites, will have its first satellite by March 2016.
  4. The complete constellation is scheduled to be operational by 2018.

President Peter Mabson of exactEarth said , “We will have real time capability everywhere on the globe with no delay,”

“With this system it is literally continuous coverage.”

“As part of the move, specialists will be hired to analyse data from the Iridium Next satellites ..” he added.


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