ULSFO (0.1% Sulphur) Available in ARA – Areas.



Two Bunker companies Trefoil and SK Energy join hands in supplying ULSFO in ARA area (Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp). It is to be noted that not all ports have a consistent supply of ULSFO.

 This joint venture could enable more ships to burn ULSFO instead of LSMGO – which has change over, low viscosity and Lubricity problems.

 Though it is nice to know that more oil suppliers are coming forward to offer ULSFO – Please note that ECA compliance with LSMGO actually costs less.

 If any of the Ship Managers or Technical Superintendents wish to opt for the ULSFO – please note the below points: (These points are applicable to any ULSFO).

  1. Compatibility with other fuels,
  2. Pour point – as many such fuels tend to have higher Pour point,
  3. Transfer and storage temperatures,
  4. Lubricity Properties,
  5. Requires a dedicated storage tank,
  6. Availability for subsequent usage,
  7. Usage of Lubricating oils (Cylinder oils and crankcase oils for Diesel generators) to match the ULSFO,
  8. Fuel Changeover Procedures,
  9. Long Term Storage Stability, and last but not least –
  10. Ensure that these fuels or the supplier has Obtained a “No Objection Certificate” from the engine makers – to ensure that the engine has been tested on these fuels.

 If you have any further queries, do post your comments.


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