USCG Security Notice : vessels from ports of Republic Gambia subject to conditional entry into US waters



Under the US Maritime Transportation Security Act (MTSA), the Coast Guard is required to assess the effectiveness of anti-terrorism measures implemented in foreign ports from which US documented vessels and foreign vessels depart on a voyage to the US and other foreign ports, is believed to pose a security risk to international maritime commerce. As ports with ineffective anti-terrorism measures are identified, this information is published in the Federal Register and the Coast Guard will impose conditions of entry on vessels arriving in the US that visited such ports as one of their last five ports of call.

The latest security Advisory #7-15 stipulates conditions of entry for vessels from the ports of Republic of Gambia during their previous five port calls. The following conditions will be effective from 6th July 2015.

In Summary:

  • Implementing measures as per the ship’s security plan equivalent to security level 2 while in any Gambian port.
  • Ensuring that each access point to the ship is guarded and that the guards have total visibility of the exterior (both landside and waterside) of the vessel while it is in port in Gambia.
  • Attempt to execute a declaration of security while in any Gambian port.
  • A log of all security actions in the ship’s security records must be maintained.
  • A report of the actions taken must be sent to the relevant Coast Guard captain of the port prior to arrival in US waters. 80 Fed. Reg. 35660 (6/22/15).

The notice is available here.


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