Viswa Lab – Looks forward to Scrubbers



Viswa Lab – a Global Maritime fuel testing agency, looks forward to Exhaust Gas cleaning Scrubbers. Viswa Lab, the only independent testing Agency, joins hand with a partner which has long term experience in shore based scrubbers.

Dr. Priya Visweswaran, a Director at Viswa Lab, revealed certain vital components about the scrubbers during her presence at the 7th International Istanbul Bunker Conference, Turkey.

Viswa Lab has come out with a New scrubber design that has addressed many of the problems which the existing scrubber designs have. Further, she commented that the new design is easy and quick to install which is estimated to take just three days.

The scrubber will come with constant emissions monitoring which means it can be type approved under ‘scheme B’ in the International Maritime Organization’s guidelines for scrubbers.

Viswa Lab – has not only been testing Marine fuels and lube oils, but also has involved in many R&D activity including but not limited to Scrubbers, FBTN (Filter Blocking Tendency Number) and TFM (Total Fuel Management), most of which are already used to solve Shipboard problems.

Viswa Lab and its professional team mentored by Dr.Vis, has always offered a great customer service, by offering solutions to various shipboard problems and technical advisory services. Viswa Lab has always aimed at Enhancing Ship board Staffs’ life by solving Technical problems and offering timely guidance.


  1. Dear Sir,
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    Myself V. SANTHANAM from TVS MARINE Chennai is interested to work along with you as your Representative to manufacture, Supply, Install and Commission the Scrubber as per your approved design and drawing with your guidence in this Region.
    Self is a 40 Years Ship Repair Experianced Person.
    My details are available in VAJRAVELU SANTHANAM Linkedin &

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    • Thank you for reading and commenting. For any correspondence kindly please write to us on the email id provided in our contact section and check the Viswa Lab website for further correspondence details.
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      Team Mfame


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