Wärtsilä successful on ethane gas


An idea to operate on Ethane is successful – proves Wartsila


  • Wartsila in collaboration with Evergas, an owner of seaborne petrochemicals, innovates Wartsila 50DF marine engines to operate on Ethane gas.
  • The engine has the capability to burn ethane boil off gas efficiently that reduces the need of gas re-liquefaction during the voyage,which provides a more efficient and environmentally sound system.
  • With this the International Maritime Organisation Tier III regulations are met by Wartsila customers as the secondary emissions cleaning not required with the use of LNG or LEG fuels.
  • Setting a new standard in fuel flexibility is achieved in the engines having the ability to switch between LNG or LEG or LFO or HFO,as there will not be any need for modifications to hardware and uninterrupted operations.
  • Stephen Jacobsen said,”“We are very pleased that the Wärtsilä engines will be capable of utilising ethane boil-off gas as fuel. It increases our operational efficiency and improves flexibility in the bunkering of fuels. All in all it results in a significant reduction in operating costs, while also providing a minimal environmental footprint. It also enables us to offer our customers increased flexibility, which has a monetary value to them,”
  • Lars Anderson, Vice President, Engine Sales, Wärtsilä Ship Power says,“This is yet another significant breakthrough for Wärtsilä’s multi-fuel technology. The option to utilise ethane gas as a marine fuel further extends the fuel flexibility of our DF engine portfolio. It also provides yet another option to achieve compliance with the IMO’s stringent Tier III legislation.”



MFAME Perception:

  • Using Ethane as fuel is effective proves Wartsila. When the reduction is emissions are in place the environment becomes harmless.
  • The Cost of the fuels get reduced which in turn proves profitable to the owner.



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