[WATCH] “E-Nose” Installed in Port of Rotterdam.


If you are wondering what an “E-Nose” could be, then this video should be added to your “Must Watch” list.

An E-Nose stands for Electronic Nose, where it sniffs like a human nose. The E-Nose is specifically designed to measure, monitor and alert presence of any toxic, dangerous or irritating gases in the atmosphere. It is well known that the city of Rotterdam suffers serious pollution as the exhausts are being released from the industries as well as ships visiting the Port of Rotterdam. The sensor inside the E-Nose assembly registers changes in outside air all-round the year and this data is transmitted to the monitoring center through the central server. The transmitted data is compared against the threshold limits of a particular toxic or dangerous gas. Above the threshold limit, the central server records the location of the particular E-Nose and alerts the officials. The data sets are continuously monitored 24/7 in the control room with the help of large monitors. It is to be noted that around 80 E-Noses have been already installed in the Port of Rotterdam and it is estimated that by the end of 2016, three hundred more E-Noses are likely to be installed.

The E-Nose network has a wireless communication with central server network. It transmits data related to thirty different substances which could be toxic or dangerous to the human life.

To know more about the innovative concept of E-Nose and its installation, please watch the below video.

Credits: Port of Rotterdam.




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